Where To Find Secondhand Books And Toys For Kids In Birmingham

A fantastic list of some of the places to buy secondhand books and toys for children.

Children grow up so fast, and sometimes it feels like they haven’t had a new toy or book two minutes before they’ve already grown out of it and you’re packing it away.

Buying new toys and books as children grow can become an expensive exercise, especially if you are on a tight budget, so why not consider second hand items?

You can find some great bargains that cost a fraction of the price of new items, and in great condition because children simply outgrown toys and books so quickly.

Here’s where you can find second hand toys and books for kids in and around Birmingham.

Mum2mum Markets
Locations throughout West Midlands - for all locations and dates, read on here .

  • These award-winning markets are held throughout the UK.
  • Pre-loved items in great condition - you can buy books, toys, clothes, baby equipment and much much more at a fraction of the price you would buy it new.
  • Locations in Birmingham include Solihull and Redditch.

  • Mum2mum Facebook page

    Charity and Second hand shops

    Most local charity shops stock a range of books and toys, plus children’s clothing, bags, sporting goods and pretty much everything else. Some of the best for books include the British Heart Foundation shop on Bull Street in Harborne and the Oxfam Shop on High Street.

    Car boot sales

    Ahh, the old car boot sale! While you may have to spend some time rummaging through the boxes, you can pick up some absolute bargains, including children’s books and toys. You can find car boot sales in Birmingham through eboot , which runs markets at various locations.


    Along with car boot sales, markets are a great place to find second hand toys and books. You can find a list of the various markets taking place around the city here .

    Your local library

    Some libraries hold regular book sales to make way for new stock. Check with your local library as to whether or not they do hold sales, and when the next one will be, or subscribe to their online newsletter and keep up to date.

    Buy, swap and sell websites

    Social media sites such as Facebook are full of buy, swap and sell groups and pages dedicated to offloading used goods and products, including baby and children’s toys and books. Many sellers will offer bulk toys and books, so you could find a large amount of things at a very small price.

    Alternatively, if you’ve got an abundance of things to sell that your children no longer want or need, you might like to have a go at selling them at a car boot sale, a market or online. Buying second hand is an easy way to save money on otherwise expensive things that may only be used once or twice, while selling is a simple way to make a bit of extra cash and de-clutter the home.

    If you want to learn more about markets in Birmingham, read on here .


    [INTRO Buying new toys and books as children grow can become an expensive exercise, especially if you are on a tight budget, so why not consider second hand items?]
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