West Midland Safari Park

Take the family for a fun day out at this unique African-inspired safari!

You don’t need to go all the way to Africa to see a real safari – you only need to go as far as Bewdley in Worcestershire, to the West Midland Safari Park.

West Midland Safari Park is home to lots of mammals, birds and reptiles you would find on an African safari, along with a variety of other animals including penguins, sea lions and even creepy crawlies. It also has lots of other attractions for families with children of all ages to enjoy, including age appropriate play areas and family rides. Here’s what you and the kids can do at the park.

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Take a drive through the Safari

African Plains – this is the place to see giraffes, the southern white rhino, zebras, waterbuck, buffalo and ostrich, all right here in the West Midlands!
Wild Asia – meet the Philippine spotted deer, world’s rarest deer, plus see the greater one horned rhino and endangered barasingha.
Elephant Valley – this one doesn’t need too much explaining! See the African elephants, including Sutton, the giant baby of the bunch.
Carnivores – here you will find the king of the big cats, the African Lion, and other hunters.

Visit lots of other exotic animals

Along with the African Safari, there are lots of different animal attractions to visit, including the below:
African Village – come and visit the meerkats, the lemurs, hippos, or feed the Pygmy goats and Cameroon and Somali sheep.
Discovery Trail – this is the spot to see penguins, watch the thrilling sea lion show and even look for bats! The Discovery Trail also houses a number of birds, reptiles, spiders and even an infestation of hissing cockroaches! The park runs a number of daily activities, including shows, feeding and animal encounters.

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Learn about conservation

Research and conservation is a major part of the West Midland Safari Park, and you can learn about the various breeding programs going on at the park, including conservation breeding, habitat restoration and sustainability programs. The park runs regular themed weeks dedicated to conservation, which you can learn more about at the website.

Play at Boj Giggly Park

Boj is a special little Australian bilby who you may have seen on Cbeebies, and now he has come to the West Midlands! There are five interactive zones, designed especially for the youngest members of the family, which are outlined below.

Boj’s Burrow – explore Boj’s tunnels!
Denzil’s Music Mayhem – get that musical creativity flowing.
Mia’s Ladybird Spot – a sensory trail that includes interactive puzzles and activities.
Rupa’s Superfit Challenge – test your fitness through jumping and running.
Gavin’s Giggly Playground – have some good old fashioned fun at the playground.

You can read more about Boj’s Giggly Park here.

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Enjoy the family rides

The West Midland Safari Park Adventure Theme Park is open from early February to early November and has a number of family rides for children who are 80cm in height and over, although some rides do require children to ride with an adult. Just some of the rides available for small children include the Congo Carousel, Flying Lion Kings, Serengeti Gallopers and Rescue Fire Rangers. Entry to the Adventure Theme Park is additional to the Safari Park, although you can buy a combination ticket that includes entry to the Safari Park and unlimited rides at the theme park.

Marvel at the dinosaurs and Ice Age Exhibition

Dinosaurs and creatures of the Ice Age have come alive! At the Land of the Living Dinosaurs is the largest collection of animatronic dinosaurs in the country, and includes various creatures from the Triassic, Jurassic, Permian and Cretaceous eras. Come and learn all you need to know about the fascinating world of the dinosaur.
The Safari Park also boasts the largest Ice Age exhibition in the UK, and is a fantastic insight into the world how it was some 38 million years ago!

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Birthday parties

Birthday parties are available for groups of 10 or more children and are available from early February to early November.

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Bewdley, Worcestershire, DY12 1LF
0129 940 2114
Opening hours: See the timetable here
Cost: Check out the full price list here

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[INTRO You don't need to go all the way to Africa to see a real safari, you only need to go as far as Bewdley in Worcestershire, to the West Midland Safari Park.]

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